If you are looking to purchase a new kitchen or remodel the existing one you have got to figure out what exactly does that mean to you! Just write down on a paper all your desires, needs and ideas, determine the budget and how you plan to finance it. A bit of paperwork would be a great start in helping us envision your ideal space.

We will schedule an appointment with our designers to go over the details of the project, such as your preferences, the measurements, any accessories and all information needed to determine your style and functional requirements. We might have to schedule an in-home measurement during the designing process. You will be contacted again shortly to review the final design with the designer and make the amendments if any and be informed about the pricing for the project.

Installing a new kitchen might be a tricky job! There are a lot of things that one should take under consideration, especially for built in furniture and accessories. The best part about using a Company that provides installation services is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they will take care of the project from start to finish. Our aim at Ocriam Kitchens is to help you create your dream kitchen, whatever your budget.

The entire installation process can be dealt by our Company with the minimal disruption to you and your family. Our Team of fully qualified technicians will take care of the whole process from start to finish – replace the existing units with the new ones, fit all kitchen accessories, wire up appliances and so on – and they will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

At Ocriam Kitchens we understand that the Kitchen is an important place for a family as it’s the busiest room inside your house, so one would like to get the most out of their budget remodeling it. And this is why why we work as efficiently as possible leaving only one job for you… Just choose the right Company that has references: Ocriam Kitchens… We can bring your Dream Kitchen to Life!

Our experienced Team, consisting of trusted professionals, will cooperate with you to develop the right ideas and create the proper plan that will meet your needs. Ocriam Kitchens is dedicated to providing the best experience and value for your kitchen remodel, through our remodeling process consisting of a series of stages that will help define the final result and keep the project on schedule and within budget.

Ocriam Kitchens has an established reputation for reliable, flexible and prompt service. We understand that the kitchen is the heart of a home, so we work as efficiently as possible to provide all necessary services and deliver the complete project quickly to minimize the disruption for you and your family. All of our work is guaranteed so in case you have any unexpected issues, we’re on hand to fix them right away.

We employee the most experienced and proficient technicians to offer maintenance services which meet your needs and maintain your kitchen in top working order. Our knowledgeable Team can assist in identifying any kind of trouble in addition to solving it immediately, striving to satisfy each customer and maximize the performance of their kitchens, ensuring their proper operation.

Purchasing or remodeling a kitchen is a major investment in time and money. Therefore it is very important to take under consideration all of your storage needs when you are about to choose your cabinets so that everything will fall into the right place when your dream kitchen has come true. This is what Ocriam Kitchens Team is here for…

With the largest inventory in our area, our Company will likely have any Kitchen Accessory you desire in stock, but in the rare case of not having it we can rest being assured that your part will be delivered to you shortly thought our wide network of suppliers. Our Company has a huge number of choices to match and enhance any cabinet in your home in addition to our knowledgeable staff that can assist you in identifying and procuring the accessories you need.

Two of the least mentioned but most important rooms in a home are the Bedroom and the Bathroom. Decorating them to your exact style is a must, especially when you are looking to spruce up the entire space of these rooms. The solution once again can be found in Ocriam Kitchens!

As well as kitchens we also offer an extensive range of the finest Italian bedroom and bathroom furniture, providing the convenience of purchasing everything our customer need all under one roof. We are proud of our own factory consisting of expert technicians, who design and manufacture furniture and interior doors also. Feel free to visit our showroom and choose different accessories, furniture and decorations to let your personal desires shine through and give a complete and updated look to both your bedroom and bathroom!