EGO - A convenient, customized island
The space is “freed up” from the division between the block of marble (light) and the wood (dark) cladding. This area houses a metal “channel” equipped to hold spices, greens, herbs, electrical outlets, kitchen utensils... whatever one may need when working on the Ego countertop.
EGO, incredibly clean volumes - Pure form
There are no visible edges that stick out. It is one perfectly unified piece featuring openings, a top, and sides. All cut at 45 degrees for a single compact element, marked by two grooves only on the side with drawers. The middle groove allows for the first drawer (above) and the second drawer (below) to be opened with ease.
Practicality, function, aesthetics, efficiency... The practical elegance of black interiors makes identifying the different shapes easier. The healthy warmth and pleasant tactile sensations of wood. The many different drawer and deep drawer organizers available enable storage to be organized in the best way possible. The huge variety of small utensils, food, cutlery, products... that we need today for modern-day cooking require space. Tidiness is space...
All the space you need. Every item in its place, easy to find and use.

The search for detail – harmony and functionality The ONE door features a continuous ergonomic aluminium profile along the entire top edge, and along the side edges for the tall units. A comfortable, easy, ergonomic grip for the fingertips.

Ceiling-mounted drawers - design that makes life better.
The idea behind the project: it isn’t the person who moves towards the ceiling drawers... it’s the ceiling drawers that descend, already open, and remain suspended in a convenient position placing food, condiments, utensils and accessories used in the kitchen within easy reach. Feather-touch sensors gently raise and lower the units, providing not only storage but also surfaces (glass and LEDs) and leaving the island’s main worktop clear, clean and tidy at all times. The modular system features a hood and minimalist lightweight structural frames for storage units with fixed open shelving.

New modularity – all things in moderation. These modular bottle racks are modelled on the diameters of the single bottles. They can be used vertically and horizontally, making bottles accessible from their long or short side. The contrasting wood lends warmth to the slim hi-tech metal tall units.

A single large common organizer wall with cupboards and tall units for the kitchen area and modules featuring open and closed storage and shelving, which change gradually as they approach the living room area. For the wall-mounted units, a single bottom panel fitted with LEDs illuminates the worktop below. A central breakfast bar with table that slides out and swivels round and, on the ceiling, a hood and a series of geometric metal profiles with 22 mm thick shelves, available in all finishes. On request the profiles can be fitted with LEDs.

Pale blue light from the north with plenty of grey in it. Elegant, cold, matt grey tones and dark shades of wood and marble... A composition with three sides. Two large blocks form two parallel worktops. One a breakfast bar and one closed by a wall on one side and by a large wall of cabinets. The outer side of the breakfast island and the wall cabinets are coordinated in the bookcase version, which provides a different use of space.

Our idea of a kitchen: different materials in perfect harmony. A tone-on-tone colour scheme prevails and blends in with an elegant environment where all the combinations are soft and progressive, composed of similar shades. Colour tones... on different materials... brown, with darker brown for the wood finishes, a textured grey with lighter spots for the large worktop, white and grey also for the lacquer tops, black and steel for the appliances...

The large wall of open shelving units organizes and combines the various functions of this large single space, extending as far as the wall. The breakfast bar top continues, forming a large single table. Along the wall a linear arrangement, limited in length yet complete in terms of function with tall shelving units and ceiling-high wall units.

High tall units with open shelving made of thin metal. Also fitted with a range of large different modular storage units in natural chestnut. A luminous diaphragm that divides but also joins two areas with different functions in the same open space. For the kitchen area, a large, complete, linear arrangement which opens up to space and the light outside.

New design projects for the restoration of historic monumental or industrial spaces used for different functions such as homes... require new interior design solutions, which can be adapted to highly diverse settings.. both in terms of furniture design, materials and hi tech finishes. This arrangement uses lightweight linear modular dividing walls made of thin metal, which can be fitted with wooden storage units to partially close off and create an interplay of hollow and solid volumes. The large island is in the Fenix version, a brand new nanotech super opaque surface material. Outstanding, absolutely state-of-the-art technological performance, and at the same time a beautiful, elegant solution.

Outside, woods, pine trees, mountains; inside, wood, white, anthracite and black. At the centre of the space, the raw material is the design: real, unfinished solid wood for the table and chairs creates a strong visual impact. At the sides of the kitchen area, two linear elements face each other. The side lined with tall storage units is inserted in an open shelving unit which fills the entire wall and extends fully into the living-room area. In the middle, marking a fine, open line of demarcation, a breakfast bar with storage space.

Evolving space, function and comfort. The day area is a shared open space. Kitchen and living room or dining room... A symbiosis between two living areas that interpenetrate more successfully if some of the furniture is coordinated. The solutions here make even the largest spaces look bigger. The space within becomes a storage unit for activities that change according to the time of day, the situations and the people. Furniture needs to interpret these fluid situations where areas have to be separated yet at the same time linked, helping to making contact and communication between people easier.